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How to Settle on the Right Cigar

The preferences of cigar smoking wholly depend on the user since it comes in diverse dimensions and lengths. They come in various dimensions like smooth, creamy medium and medium shapes. Cigar can be found in different types and flavors. Cigar smoking is usually associated with wealthy people, and it is usually like a symbol of wealth. To come up with the finest cigar can be a very complicated assignment.The Following are the tips that can help you choose the right cigar.

It is very crucial to source important information about and be well informed about the health risks . Cigar has nicotine thus very dangerous to your health.Anything that has nicotine poses health risks to your body if used for a long time. Cigar smoking can also result to cancer that is lung, esophageal and larynx cancer.Cigar smoke is very smelly compared to cigarette thus it can be very uncomfortable.

After you are sure of what cigar can do to your health you can then consider using the correct type of cigar. You have to enlighten yourself what you would prefer between machine made cigar and home-made cigar. The production of home-made cigar is better and safer.This is because leaves are picked, sorted then prepared carefully by an individual. Machine production of cigar is not the best since the process of sorting and choosing the best leaves might be skipped and also involves more burning.The other factor you can consider is the length and the ring gauge.The lengths and the diameter will vary with inches but the larger the cigar is, the better the flavor. Color is another factor to consider, and they are in different colors known as claro and oscuro. The light brown is claro, and the dark in color are oscuro. Taste and quality can be predicted by the color of the cigar. Cigars that are dark have a better flavor since they are extremely mature than the light ones. Most cigar smokers will go for the dark one therefore since they are also big. For those starting it will be good to consider the light colored since their flavor is also light.

Storage of the cigar is also very crucial.In order to maintain the freshness of your cigar it is necessary to have a cigar humidor. A storage box that has constant humidity that gives the best storage conditions for cigar is known as cigar humidor.Cigars are like sponge, and therefore they can absorb moisture from the surrounding, thus they can spoil anytime. A cigar humidor will be a necessity if you want to smoke a fresh cigar that will never disappoint you.

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